Generate linked HTML files /
Generate single HTML file command
(File menu)

Use this command (File menu) to generate a HTML transcript xy.htm from the current Lava file xy.lava for documentation, printing, or web publication purposes.

In the "linked" case LavaPE generates a primary HTML file xy.htm which defines two frames. The left frame displays the HTML transcript of the declaration tree of xy.lava. In the right frame you may open individual execs or invariants by double-clicking corresponding Exec/Invariant links in the left frame. LavaPE generates a separate HTML file for each exec/invariant in directory "xy". All references to all kinds of Lava entities are HTML links to the corresponding declarations of these entities.

In the "single" case the entire Lava file is translated into a single HTML file. Execs/invariants are inserted between horizontal rules at the place where they occur in the declaration tree.

LavaPE copies the.png images of the icons that are used in the transcript of the declaration tree into a separate directoy "LavaIcons".