The cited Morgenstern poems

The german poet Christian Morgenstern lived from 1871 to 1914 and is particularly famous for his farcical "Galgenlieder" ("Galloway Songs") from which we have cited several poems here. We found the excellent english translations in the small volume

Christian Morgenstern

Galloway Songs and Other Poems
(Galgenlieder und andere Gedichte)

selected and translated by Max Knight

R. Piper & Co. Verlag
Munich, 3rd ed. 1977

ISBN 3-492-01968-4

This german edition is based on Max Knight's volumes

Christian Morgenstern's Galgenlieder

University of California Press
Berkeley and Los Angeles

1963 (5th ed. 1966)


The Great Lalula

G.P.Putnam's Sons

New York 1969

Fish's Night Song

Korf's Joke

The Aesthete

The Picket Fence

The Snail's Monologue

The Spectacles